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About Us

ENGPOL Company was established in 2011 to offer Polish-English and English-Polish interpreting and certified and non-certified translation services for clients in Northern Ireland.
Our staff is bilingual so you have the comfort of choosing the language you want to use with us and, what is more, you are certain that the assignment that you place with us is completely understood.

Our translators have extensive knowledge of every field of study and their broad qualifications ensure a professional and high quality translation service on any level of difficulty.

We are the only translation service in Northern Ireland which offers certified translations from English into Polish and from Polish into English and which are accepted in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Poland. Our translations are certified and affixed with a seal of a sworn translator, who is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland and, thanks to that, you are provided with a professional and high quality language service.
In order to constantly improve the quality of our services, our translators undergo regular training sessions which supplement their extensive knowledge about translation techniques and tools.

Don’t get duped! Beware of ‘cheap translators’ who offer their services in any form of advertisement! It often happens that they don’t have proper qualifications or certificates, which means that their translations won’t be accepted by public institutions, banks, etc.



Tel. (00 44) 0792 500 48 59
e-mail: engpol.office@gmail.com
Skype: engpol1


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